quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2020

XCeara 2020 - 18th edition of cross country competition

The XC competition occurs in the Brazilian northeast (Ceara state) from 22nd until 28th november.

The takeoff (https://goo.gl/maps/siJLjiWhhGL5X2E88) is located in Quixada city, 110 miles driving from Fortaleza intl airport.

In this 18th edition, only 30 pilots will be accepted (COVID restrictions). Almost all spaces are confirmed.

Brazilian northeast is the place where world and continental records happen. Every year dozens of pilots fly more than 300Km. Strong and constant trade winds trade winds, blowing all day from East-to-West with many cloud streets, help pilots to fly more than 11 hours and break records like Glauco's 630Km Hang Gliding 3-Turnpoints world record last year (https://www.fai.org/record/19121) and 582Km Paragliding world straight distance made by 3 brazilian paragliding pilots together (https://www.fai.org/record/19127) last year too.

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Check this amazing view from the city and tourist attractions like "Chicken Rock" and  Cedro's Lake, where pilots will fly over and swim in deserved day-off (after long flights)